About EdSen Teaching Resources

Education Sensation started on eBay in January of 2007 with just one set of vocab cards.  We quickly realised that quality teachers often don't have the time to make quality teaching resources and started adding more resources to our range of teacher products.

In 2009, the demand grew for downloadable teacher resources for teachers to print and make their own duplicate copies.  At this stage, we started to offer printable teaching resources on CD.  Now our eBay store offers only digital teacher resources on CD - plus some hard to find dice for maths games.

Because eBay takes a lot of money in fees (and because of the costs associated with packaging and shipping), we find it hard to keep the costs low for our teachers. 

This is why edsen.com.au is available to you now.  In 2010 we rebranded as EdSen Teaching Resources.  We offer an affordable solution for busy teachers to make quality resources for maximising education in classrooms.  With teacher resources ranging from as little as 50 cents (and some free teaching resources), it's easy to see why teachers keep coming back for our educational resources and games.  

While we've been working with children for over 20 years, we're always keen to hear your ideas. Please email us at info@edsen.com.au if you have any ideas for teaching resources you'd like to download.