Jobs (People in My Community) Cards

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Product Description

Jobs (People in My Community) is a teaching resource to print 32 Jobs Cards (with two optional title cards).  Each card has the job listed in large print (in the font of your Australian state or territory) and a clip depicting a person in the role.  In many cases, these pictures challenge the traditional gender stereotypes.

Download and save this teacher resource to display in your classroom as a "word wall" (where students can come and remove a card they need to use for their writing) or include them as an activity in your English rotations (see Teaching Tip below).

Teaching Tip: Teachers love to use these cards for Studies of Society and the Environment or in English lessons.  These 32 cards can make a great open-ended word sort in your rotations.  Just ask students to sort the cards into categories.  You can ask students to sort them by word features (e.g. number of letters, those with or without blends, different vowel sounds, by number of syllables, etc.) or have them come up with their own means of classification.  The important part is the discussion around which cards belong in each group and the justification for this.

**NOTE:  This teaching resource is available in all Australian school fonts.  Use the drop down menu to select the font required for your classroom.**


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