180 Subtraction Cards: Part-Part-Whole

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Teaching Resource:  180 Subtraction Cards:  Part-Part-Whole

These part-part-whole (or part-part-altogether) cards are a maths teaching resource designed to focus on the concept of subtraction.  The use of the part-part-whole model shows the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. 

This teacher resource includes 90 part-part-whole models and 90 matching equations (number sentences).  In both types of cards, the whole and one part has been identified and your students need to calculate the missing part.  This connection is important is students develop the understanding that if a part is missing, you need to choose subtraction as the operation (whereas when the whole is missing, addition is used).  The number sentences have been presented as standard and non-standard equations.

These cards could be used in the following way:
- as a matching game (like snap, concentration or memory match)
- as a stimulus for students to match materials (counters or blocks)
- as a stimulus for students to create mathematical scenarios (word problems)
They also look great as a display in your maths area!

Teaching Tip:  The PDF file has 10 cards to one page.  This makes it easy for you to laminate them and then cut them into individual cards.  The students can then use a wipe-off marker to write in the missing part or the answer to the subtraction number sentence.


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Date Added: 06/25/2012 by Erin Nilan
I think this resource looks great and I know students will love it as it is visually stimulating. Th...

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